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Interconnected and modular, the ALSAMEX FALL ARREST UNIT is a tubular panel construction, made from highly durable material.

The outer cover is water resistant woven polypropylene. The units are filled with shock absorbent polystyrene loosefill.

The design includes high quality fixings and the product striping system gives a quick visual assurance of correct installation.

The integral system enables simple assembly to cover both large and small areas and is not reliant on outer perimeter constraints.

Specially designed dimensions of 2100mm length x 700mm roll diameter ensure easy handling and storage, fitting, and best cushioning performance.

Engineered interference fit when connected gives reliable fall protection over a given area.

No form of air filling or outside energy source is required – the protection is provided by the engineered cushion filling, manufactured by Alsamex.

The weight of each unit is light enough ( approx 7 kgs ) to enable safe and easy handling. Each consignment comes with full user guide.

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Alsamex Trailer Safety

The ALSAMEX FALL ARREST UNIT assists compliance with the HSE Work at Height Regulations 2005 and has been tested in accordance with PAS59 : 2004 dynamic performance (maximum deceleration, g force requirement) published by the BSI and impact tested using test method BS EN 364 : 1993.

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