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Trailer Safety

Many Falls from trailers or platforms occur during loading and unloading; you don't have to fall far to land hard!

Alsamex Fall Arrest units do not require any external mechanical pumps or generators and can be installed in a wide range of applications, including trailer safety to protect personnel involved in loading & unloading vehicles on or above the load bed.

The installed units reduce the risk of potential injury to personnel by providing a collective soft landing area surrounding the trailer.

A typical installation offering complete single layer protection surrounding a 40ft trailer requires only 46 units:

Fall Arrest Trailer Safety

Alsamex Fall Arrest Units are:

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Alsamex Trailer Safety

The ALSAMEX FALL ARREST UNIT assists compliance with the HSE Work at Height Regulations 2005 and has been tested in accordance with PAS59 : 2004 dynamic performance (maximum deceleration, g force requirement) published by the BSI and impact tested using test method BS EN 364 : 1993.

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